Thursday, July 28, 2011

SAP and Google Maps - Putting "Where" in the "What-When-Where" equation!

Organizations are looking for that x-factor to get competitive advantage. Could geo/location-enabled solutions offer the promise to deliver that x-factor?  I think so.  

Lets use couple of examples to understand this deal - where should Chipotle open its next franchise or where should BP drill its next well...  Geo-enabled solutions could help answer those questions. Yes, this is already happening and some of these companies have very sophisticated software to do this. But, these software solutions should be available for the masses - 

Here is my business explanation for this deal- 

  •         A large part of the world’s enterprise data resides in the SAP systems;
  •         And according to some estimates more than 80% of that enterprise data has a space dimension to it; 
  •     Increasing amount of organizations demand geo-spatial lenses to engage with the space dimension of their data; 
  •     Hence, this collaboration between the #1 enterprise software company and the #1 consumer Internet company to bring location-aware solutions to the market.

Go SAP-Google Maps!

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