Wednesday, May 23, 2012

If You are a R Developer, Then You Must Try SAP HANA for Free.

This is a guest blog from Alvaro Tejada Galindo, my colleague and fellow R and SAP HANA enthusiast.  I am thankful to Alvaro for coming and posting on "AllThingsBusinessAnalytics".

Are you an R developers? Have ever heard of SAP HANA? Would you like to test SAP HANA for free?

SAP HANA is an In-Memory Database Technology allowing developers to analyze big data in real-time.

Processes that took hours now take seconds due to SAP HANA's power to keep everything on RAM memory.

As announced in SAP Sapphire Now event in Orlando, Florida, SAP HANA is free for developers. You just need to download and install both the SAP HANA Client and the SAP HANA Studio, and create an SAP HANA Server on the Amazon Web Services as described in the following document:
Get your own SAP HANA DB server on Amazon Web Services -

Why should this interest you? Easy...SAP HANA is an agent of change bringing speed to its limits and it can also be integrated with R as described in the following blog:

Want to know more about SAP HANA? Read everything you need here:

You're convinced but don't want to pay for the Amazon Web Services? No problem. Just leave a comment including your name, company and email. We will reach you and send you an Amazon Gift Card so you can get started. Of course, your feedback would be greatly appreciated. Of course, we only a limited set of gift cards, so be quick or be out.

Author Alvaro Tejada Galindo, mostly known as "Blag" is a Development Expert working for the Technology Innovation and Developer Experience team in SAP Labs.  He can be contacted at

Alvaro's background in his own words: I used to be an ABAP Consultant for 11 years. I worked in implementations on Peru and Canada. I’m also a die hard developer using R, Python, Ruby, PHP, Flex and many more languages. Now, I work for SAP Labs and my main roles are evangelize SAP technologies by writing blogs, articles, helping people on the forums, attending SAP events, besides many other “Developer engagement” activities.
I maintain a blog called “Blag’s bag of rants” at

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