Friday, April 19, 2013

Democratization of Business Analytics Dashboards

I am super impressed with the following visual dashboard from IPL T20 tournament - IPL 2013 in Numbers.  For those of you not so familiar with cricket or IPL, IPL is the biggest, the most extravagant and the most lucrative cricket tournament in the world.  I like the way IPL is bringing sports analytics to the common masses.

What is impressive is that each metric (runs, wickets, or tweets) is live so these numbers get updated automatically, pretty cool for IPL and cricket fans.  Also, each metric is clickable so one can drill down to his or her heart's content.  This is a common roll-up analysis but the visualization and the real time updates make this dashboard pretty appealing.  IPL team, thanks for not putting any dials on this dashboard (LOL).

I have been influencing and now building analytics products that power these sports and various other dashboards/reports for many years.  The most fascinating thing is that these dashboards (or lets call it analytics in general) are reaching the masses like never before.  Everyone has heard of terms like democratization of data and humanization of analytics.  This is it!  The data revolution is underway.  

Now, there are many new frontiers to go after and the existing ones need to be reinvented.  Yes, the analytics market is ready for massive disruption.  This is what keeps me excited about Business Analytics space.

Happy Analyzing and Happy Friday!

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