Thursday, September 22, 2011

Sentiment Analysis, the R way, on Netflix's September 18th Announcement

Did Netflix make a bad move or a bold move, only time will tell but for now here is a simple sentiment analysis using R and TwitteR package on tweets involving Netflix for you to consume...

So aftermath of #netflix supposedly bad strategic move, I thought that it will be little fun to do a little sentiment analysis using a sample of tweets from the past few days. I turned to my favorite "R" and discovered a new package called "TwitteR" and 4 lines of code later, I had the following outcome:

788 of the 1500 tweets, that is 52.5% of the tweets, over the last three days had words bad, suck, terrible or :( with #netflix...

You be the judge whether Netflix customers are unhappy and whether it was a bad (or bold) strategic move...

>  library("twitteR")
> searchNF <- searchTwitter("#netflix bad OR suck OR terrible OR disaster OR :(", n=1500, since=as.character(Sys.Date()-3))
> negativeTweets <- length(searchNF)
> negativeSentiment <- negativeTweets/1500

And yes, I enjoy coding :)

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