Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Closing the loop on Pervasive Location Analytics - an enlightening personal journey for sure!

When I started working on Google Maps deal at SAP in February of this year, I had no clue where it will end and what is next once the deal is done. I fell in love with this Location Analytics/Geo Data Visualization topic, and turned it into an opportunity to discuss this topic and also generate excitement in various different camps along the way.
Five sessions spread across three continents, 200+ attendees,1000 views and numerous downloads later, this topic became more than just a personal interest. I met great people along the way and worked with very smart and driven people to co-present from the likes of Ryan from Centigon Solutions, Nimish from FreshDirect and Brendan from ThinkSmart Technologies. (See links to slides and session evaluation below) 
A proud moment arrived this morning when an alert from SlideShare popped up indicating that this topic is hot on Facebook and as a result this topic is being put on SlideShare home page. Wow!

Pervasive Location Analytics: The Next Frontier to Fall in The Enterprise Software?

Session Evaluations Results

Thank you - my next two blogs will be presenting my thoughts on Moblie Analytics and Agile BI - two topics I have spent significant amount of time from strategy, market, customer, competition and product point of view.

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