Wednesday, March 14, 2012

R and SAP HANA: A Highly Potent Combo for Real Time Analytics on Big Data

Lets Talk Code

SAP DKOM 2012 kicks off in San Jose today and I can’t be more excited than this.  For the past three months Jens Doerpmund, Chief Development Architect of Analytics at SAP and I have been working on this topic of R and SAP HANA and all our hard work (upwards of 400 hours) is about to pay off (fingers crossed).

It has been a stunning journey and an incredible learning experience. Both R and HANA are fascinating technologies and bringing them together is analogous to bringing Google and Apple together. We are gearing up for our session and in the true spirit of DKOM, we will be only talking code, yes code and lots of it.  We just wrapped up our slides with lots of code snippets to share with fellow DKOMers.  Here is a quick sneak preview of what we are going to cover today:

Big Data Analytics (Really Big)
  • Airlines sector in the travel industry
  • 22 years (1987-2008) of airlines on time performance data on US airlines
  • 123 million records
  • Extract Transform Load – ETL work to combine this data with data on airports, data on carriers with this data to setup for Big Data analysis in R and HANA
  • D20 with 96GB of RAM and 24 Cores
  • Massive amount of data crunching using R and HANA

 We will be covering lots and lot of topics, here is a short list:
  • Sentiment Analysis on #DKOM and a WordCloud
  • Cluster Analysis using K-Mean
  • Geo Code Your Data – Google Maps API
  • SP100 - XML Parsing and Historical Stock Data
  • R and HANA integration
  • Moving big-data from one HANA to another HANA (Replication)
  • Server side Java Scripting
  • and an HTML5 App built with R, HANA and Server Side Java Script

Here is a wordcloud straight from R on #DKOM. There will be lot more to discuss today. Looking forward to meeting you all DKOMers.

Lets Talk Code Everyone and Happy Coding!

 Jitender Aswani
 Jens Doerpmund

Learn more on this session topic in my previous blog:  Advance Analytics with R and HANA at DKOM 2012 San Jose


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