Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Agile BI, Simple BI, Self-Serve BI - Okay, What the Hell This Thing is?

In layman's terms, anyone, including my mom, who is suffering from information overload should be able to analyze any data using simple and easy to use data visualization tools, get insights (like growth in milk usage at our home) and then share the results with my dad who should cut feeding expensive organic milk to his two cats.

Wow, that sounds pretty simple, isn't it? Yes, and precisely for that reason IDC says that this phenomenon presents a big market opportunity:

“We are at the forefront of an evolutionary market that is fraught with opportunity for innovative tools and solutions that can help users handle the information overload plaguing every major organization around the globe.” IDC Market Analysis, Worldwide Interactive Data Visualization Tools Forecast

How big of a market opportunity? $1 Billion big by 2013 and $1.6 Billion by 2015 says Gartner. See this graphics:

So someone asked me few weeks ago, how would you define simple, self-serve BI and I gave him the following definition -

Agile BI is a simple yet power-packed solution which is easy-to-use, cost-effective and offers full 360 degree experience and above all my mom should be able to use it without bugging me...

And here is my definition of a power-packed solution:

There are ZERO products that fulfill this vision today.  Products like QlikTech, Spotfire and Tableau do a pretty good job and therefore enjoy more that 70% of the market share. Where are the big guys?

"Agile" and "Big" doesn't go together I guess!

Here is how I contrasted Qlik against a large enterprise BI player:

This story is universal and gives competitive advantage to younger more agile players over their older and aging brethren because they have offered one single self-serve BI tool that could serve to many personas!

Qlik and Tableau have seen pretty solid growth over the past few years as a result of keeping their strategy simple.  Here is an older blog on Qlik showing its amazing growth: http://goo.gl/cyV7a

The most recent evidence of double digit growth in the Agile BI market was seen in Tableau's 2011 earnings: (http://apandre.wordpress.com/)
  • sales doubled year over year to $72M in 2011
  •  104% growth in bookings in Q4’11 and 94% growth YoY,
  • WW customer base grew by 40% in 2011
  •  more than 7,000 organizations use its analytics product
  •  big growth with customers in Europe, where base grew by 67 percent

2011 was the year of Agile (Simple) BI and the momentum is gaining further strength. Do you know now what Agile BI a.k.a Simple BI a.k.a self-serve BI is defined as?

Happy Simplifying!

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