Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Big Four and the Battle of Sentiments - Oracle, IBM, Microsoft and SAP

In this battle of sentiments or opinions for the four software giants - Oracle, IBM, Microsoft and SAP, SAP is generating a lot of positive buzz with its message of "innovation without disruption" and leading the pack with a 95% sentiment score.

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Few days ago, I published this blog "Updated Sentiment Analysis and a Word Cloud for Netflix" and the underlying R code.  I used the same R program to compare the sentiments for the four software giants.  Now, technically speaking, IBM and Oracle are not pure software companies anymore since they both package hardware (server and storage hardware) along with the software but the rivalry between these four companies persuaded me to put a comparative analysis  here.  I originally included HP in this analysis but then dropped it as I didn't consider HP in the same league as these fours in the software category.

What surprised me the most was the lowest score IBM received, lower than Oracle!  What went wrong here?  I am also surprised to see Oracle occupying the second spot with 84% sentiment score.  So besides all the negative publicity Oracle attracts, the sentiment is overwhelmingly positive.

The one improvement I would like to make to this analysis is to get more tweets.  Twitter API restricts the number of tweets that one can fetch and doesn't allow you to fetch older tweets.  I would love to run this analysis over a year worth of tweets and also show a time series of sentiment score.  That will be fantastic!

Here are the four histograms, one each for four candidates, showing the distribution of opinion scores:





Happy Analyzing!

The underlying data can be downloaded here.

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