Friday, May 13, 2011

Big Date Beneficiaries - Sybase, Netezza, Exadata and more!

So my last post was about big data. Let's talk what kind of companies are going to benefit from the data explosion and mind you, the big data opportunity can't be discussed in one single blog. Now, the big data story started in 2010 and there are already few beneficiaries:
  • SAP acquired Sybase;
  • IBM acquired Netezza; and
  • Oracle acquired Exadata.
Going into 2011, the big data story is only going to get bigger. Here is an article that I read earlier (from a series of such articles) that discussed 3 predictions for 2011 based on big data - 3 "Big-Data" Predictions for 2011

Prediction #1: Not all data is created equal. Traditional relational database management systems will be challenged in 2011. (other flavors of repositories including columnar, in-memory, Hadoop/MapReduce, and other NoSQL approaches made popular by Google, Facebook, and other large-scale Internet applications.)
Prediction #2: Cloud architecture deployments will grow, specifically for long-term data storage and retention.
Prediction #3: Enterprises will search for sustainable storage.

data retention and management software will benefit from this trend

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