Monday, May 23, 2011

IBM - Analytics is a very serious priority! How serious? $14B serious!

Actions speaks louder than words -  
- IBM has pent $14 billion on 24 business intelligence-related acquisitions over the past 5 years** (See the graphics below)
- It has 8,000 consultants in Analytics and Optimization service trained on BI***
- IBM earmarks $20B for acquisition through 2015 * 

Analytics is a priority at IBM for following reasons: 
- that spending on BI is growing twice as fast as information technology spending overall
- that 80% of CEOs see information as the source of competitive advantage. (Source: IBM and MIT Sloan Management Reviews)

Here is a latest press release that further reinforces the market's belief that IBM machine is not slowing down the big-data front - 

IBM Ups Big Data Bet with New Software, $100 Million in Research

Source: *,**,*** Public Press Release (IBM Accelerates Business Intelligence Acquisitions, Jeff Moad, Managing Automations, IBM Analyst Day, 2010)


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