Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Real Time Business Analytics - A new study coinciding with SAP HANA's greater push?

This is a clip from a news article that I just read - 

A recent study by Oxford Economics, "Real-Time Business: Playing to Win in the New Global Marketplace" [PDF], found that 30 percent of the companies surveyed have implemented some kind of real-time IT system, and 65 percent of the remainder have plans to do so in the near future. In addition, early adopters are reporting significant benefits: On average, companies that have implemented such systems are seeing average revenue gains of 21 percent and cost reductions of 19 percent. In fact, among early adopters, 77 percent report revenue gains with even higher revenue gains in certain industries like oil and gas.

It is not a groundbreaking study and definitely a study on this topic has been done before. This is a survey based study and  focuses primarily on the advantages of real time business intelligence using customers' account. Good read. 

The study was sponsored by SAP and its release coincides with SAP's SAPPHIRE NOW event where real-time (In-Memory) business analytics received a disproportionate amount of coverage.  Here is the full press release with seven customer testimonials -


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