Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Fast Emerging, Developing and Developed Trends in Business Intelligence (BI)

  1. Emerging - Social and Collaborative
  2. Developing - Location Analytics (Augmented Reality for Mobile Devices)
  3. Developed - Mobile
- Huge amount of investment in collaborative software to optimize performance
- One obvious one - explosion in Mobile device and heterogeneous devices are accepted in the organization
- Strong desire to tie the analytics to its source, where did the event happen - zero in on the location. 

I get to live, rationalize, strategize, visualize, evangelize and everything else to influence build real BI solutions.
More on this in my follow up blogs, for now, enjoy following excerpts from a Gartner report -
Within two years, 15% of BI deployments will combine collaborative and social decision making-environments.
With the rapid development of handheld functionality and mass adoption rates across enterprises, by 2014 33% of business intelligence will be through mobile devices. 
Source: Gartner Predicts Business Intelligence Will Go Mobile and Social

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  1. From Source: http://www.readwriteweb.com/enterprise/2011/01/business-analytics-predictions.php

    Self-service analytics - Giving customers access to analytics tools.
    Pervasive analytics - Kobielus says Forrester will publish reports to help enterprises embed predictive analytics into all business processes. As a note, one of my own 2011 predictions is that predictive analytics will be applied to more business processes, whether it helps or not.
    Social analytics - Kobielus sees business process management utilizing social decision making combined wtih analytics. This jibes very well with Gartner's fourth prediction.
    Scalable analytics - Tools like Hadoop that help users deal with big data.
    Cloud analytics - SaaS-based data warehousing.
    Real-time analytics - More or less self-explanatory.