Friday, May 27, 2011

Upcoming Post - Intelligence On Demand or Analytics On Demand

Here are some of my favs in no particular order -
  1. PivotLink -
  2. SpatialKey -
  3. GoodData -
  4. SAP -
  5. Birst -
SaaS BI – On demand business intelligence for Sales and Finance Analytics – BirstPivotLinkGoodDataHomeSpatialKey
I will check in later to talk about this segment which no single company has been able to crack (solve) yet. Happy Memorial Day Weekend!


  1. SAP Business Objects Edge BI On-Demand Webinar
    View it now:

  2. Source:

    Following trends to go viral (goes pretty well with what I have been saying...)

    Self-service analytics - Giving customers access to analytics tools.
    Pervasive analytics - Kobielus says Forrester will publish reports to help enterprises embed predictive analytics into all business processes. As a note, one of my own 2011 predictions is that predictive analytics will be applied to more business processes, whether it helps or not.
    Social analytics - Kobielus sees business process management utilizing social decision making combined wtih analytics. This jibes very well with Gartner's fourth prediction.
    Scalable analytics - Tools like Hadoop that help users deal with big data.
    Cloud analytics - SaaS-based data warehousing.
    Real-time analytics - More or less self-explanatory.